Sam Ruben - Chief Sustainability Officer/Co-Founder, Mighty Buildings
Breakout Panelist

Sam Ruben
Sam Ruben

Chief Sustainability Officer/Co-Founder — Mighty Buildings

Sam Ruben brings a sustainability and innovation focus to everything he does. He is passionate that today’s organizations consider sustainability as a core aspect, not merely as a moral principle but as an avenue towards an improved bottom line and increased brand value. This passion is paired with a deep understanding of the public, nonprofit and private sectors honed through professional experience and his learning as a graduate of the Presidio Graduate School with a Dual MBA/MPA in Sustainable Management to complement his BA in Political Science/Economics from Vassar College.

Professionally Sam’s background is in sustainability, compliance, nonprofit management & brand strategy. He has served in roles from strategic re-branding, sustainability coaching, and financial modeling to website redevelopment, online dashboard creation, sustainable building assessments, and everything in between. In addition to this professional experience, during his time at Presidio, Sam worked with the Bay Area Climate Collaborative to develop a marketing plan to encourage fleet managers to buy EVs; helped the City of Berkeley launch its Open Data Portal, including developing focus groups and other community outreach strategies and attention-grabbing infographics; and developed an operations plan for a sustainable seaweed farm for Olazul which has since spun off a for-profit entity to bring the seaweed to market.

His work has resulted in savings of more than:
• $9,720,343
• 19,298,227 kWh of Electricity
• 51,133,599 gallons of Water
• 21,045 therms of Natural Gas
• 5,970 tons of Waste
• 834,953 metric tons of CO2