Kevin Gangel - Co-Founder & CEO, Unstoppable Conversations
Breakout Panelist

Kevin Gangel
Kevin Gangel

Co-Founder & CEO — Unstoppable Conversations

Kevin is CEO and Co-Founder of Unstoppable Conversations, which exists to cause leadership for a transformed world.

Unstoppable empowers teams to produce seemingly impossible results, tackling disruptive growth, innovation, culture, leadership, and change in times of pressure and uncertainty. The underlying paradigm driving all current challenges and opportunities is surfaced, articulated, and tested against the desired future…only to be found wanting.  Teams then co-create a custom-designed new world view, live and in real-time, to go after something bigger than they ever thought possible.

Kevin is the source of Unstoppable being a certified B Corp and 1% For The Planet Member, and a fierce champion for the environment, justice  . He has a passion for organizations that are committed to impacting the UNSDGs, the world’s to-do list.

In addition to extensive training in Ontology, Phenomenology, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Governance, Kevin is a Certified Mediator and Negotiator. Thanks to this rigorous and comprehensive formal training, he occasionally wins arguments with his teenage children.