John Hanselman - Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Vanguard Renewables
Breakout Panelist

John Hanselman
John Hanselman

Founder and Chief Strategy Officer — Vanguard Renewables

John Hanselman is Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Vanguard Renewables — the U.S. leader in farm-based organics to renewable energy. John launched Vanguard Renewables in 2014 to connect farm-based anaerobic digestion to agricultural resilience and produce renewable energy. His work includes finding a decarbonization pathway for the food and beverage industry by enabling the repurposing of unavoidable manufacturing and supply chain waste into renewable natural gas. John’s strength is bringing together partners in the decarbonization journey and Vanguard has strategic partnerships with Dairy Farmers of America and Dominion Energy, among others.

In 2020, John launched the Farm Powered Strategic Alliance alongside founding members Dairy Farmers of America, Unilever, and Starbucks, a pre-competitive movement to explore decarbonization strategies, to recycle unavoidable food waste at farm-based anaerobic digesters, and convert a portion of thermal load to renewable natural gas. Vanguard currently has six operating farm-based anaerobic digesters, seven under construction, and 10 in development across the U.S. The company plans to expand its program to 100 operating anaerobic digesters over the next five years.