Hollie Schmidt - Director, Resilience & Sustainability Business Advisory, Jacobs
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Hollie Schmidt
Hollie Schmidt

Director, Resilience & Sustainability Business Advisory — Jacobs

In her 26 years of practice, Hollie Schmidt has honed an integrated planning and delivery approach, with a particular focus on large-scale, complex projects. She is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Master Planning and Site Selection. Serving all market and client types at Jacobs, she is a consultant and advisor who leads large, diverse teams of planners, designers and the full spectrum of engineers and technical experts to collaborate with decision-making frameworks, scenario evaluations, implementation plans and highly resilient and sustainable solutions. Hollie is known for utilizing an intra-disciplinary approach by assembling a diverse team of SME’s that are customized to specific client needs.

With a strong foundation in facilitation, coordination, communication, and problem solving, Hollie has a long history of successfully leading complex mega-projects for clients with large real estate and facilities holdings. She is a fierce advocate for her teams and prides herself in her ability to lead large groups of SME’s in demanding environments. She supports resilient and sustainable solutions through extremely compelling business case analysis focused on life-cycle savings and non-financial benefits such as wellness, environmental and community impacts and brand enhancement.

Hollie’s area of practice includes a focus on resiliency planning either as a preventative or recovery service for clients who are experiencing vulnerabilities to natural or man-made disasters, particularly as it relates to climate adaptation. From the development of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and other resilient and sustainable commitments to the development of performance standards, key performance indicators, design and technical guidelines, phasing and implementation and financing strategies, Hollie has successfully delivered multi-billion-dollar programs.

In the Corporate business space, Hollie has worked with FujiFilm, Centrient, Juno, Natureworks, Celgene, Shell, Chevron, BP, Huntsman-Rubicon, Saudi Aramco, MaAden, Lubrizol, Sabic, OCP, LyondellBassell, Lubrizol, CP Chem, Resolute, Bunge, Goya, Bacardi Corporation and Microsoft.