Maddy Kulkarni

Maddy Kulkarni

Global Marketing Director, Sustainability & Purpose

Maddy Kulkarni serves as the Global Marketing Director of Sustainability & Social Impact at PepsiCo. She has also recently authored a textbook, Social Impact Marketing: The Essential Guide for Changemakers, on how marketing can be used to drive both business and social impact. Maddy serves as PepsiCo’s liaison to the World Federation of Advertisers’ Planet Pledge, and has spoken on behalf of the organization at the United Nations Global Compact’s Leaders Summit. Maddy has served on numerous non-profits boards and has been awarded a 40 Under 40 designation by Dallas Business Journal.

Maddy's work at PepsiCo includes: • Setting a Vision: Responsible for creating a vision for PepsiCo’s sustainability efforts with flagship global brands • Developing Talent: Developing global marketing talent with skillsets that create campaigns that drive social impact. Train brand marketers on environmental and social efforts like regenerative agriculture, circular economy, recycling programs, responsible labeling, rPET, carbon footprints, racial equity, U.N. SDGs, etc. • Leading External Partnerships: Creating and developing partnerships with technology firms, industry partners, and competitors to drive sustainable consumer behavior at scale • Community Impact: Serving on the PepsiCo Food for Good steering committee which has enabled 100+ mil meals to underserved communities

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