Wednesday Plenary Program: Key Stakeholders as Agents of Regeneration I

This morning’s plenary program will revolve around enabling and equipping key stakeholders to be more effective agents of regeneration – with a special focus on consumers, employees, suppliers and local communities as particularly critical stakeholder groups. Specific topics covered include closing the ‘intent to action’ gap among consumers, driving win-win behavior change at scale, revitalizing local economies, as well as appreciating and rewarding human capital, diversity, equity and inclusion in new ways both inside and outside an organization.

Opening Remarks

Philip McKenzie
Cultural Anthropologist + Strategist | Host, The Deep Dive
Urgency and Optimism: How Business Meets Today’s Challenges by Collectivizing Purpose

Simon Mainwaring
Founder & CEO
Sustainable Shopping – How Customer Obsession Will Define a Future Retail Experience

Cyrus Wadia
Head of Product Sustainability
Small Business Revolution: How a ‘brand as publisher’ model can change communities

Amanda Brinkman
Creator, Producer and Host
Driving Organizational Change in Support of Sustainability

Katie Decker
Global President, Essential Health + Sustainability at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health
Nancy Mahon
Senior Vice President, Global Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability
Angelica Beard
Senior Director, Global Insights & Analytics
Wednesday 20th October
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Paradise - Ballroom

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