The “Virtuous Spiral” of Transcendent Business: How To Lead With We

You can grow your business even as you wholly commit to humanity & the planet—even during this unprecedented confluence of crises. In fact, relevance & long-term prosperity for your business will absolutely depend on it. How you get there is to Lead With We, to follow a radical reimagining & reengineering of business based on the idea of collectivized purpose. Using extensive case studies & data collated over a decade of work with top brands, global & local, Simon Mainwaring will show you how the regenerative future of business is in our grasp. That future of life, work, & growth in which We, together, succeed in business while we restore & protect the social & living systems on which all our futures depend.

This is the most significant & thrilling shift in economics and business since the Industrial Revolution. A universally applicable prescription with immense compressed complexity that makes the future we want for ourselves, and the generations that follow, not only possible but inevitable.

What’s the secret? At the core of the Lead With We business paradigm is the prescription of the “Virtuous” Spiral of Collectivize Purpose in Action. The Spiral takes us through each of five stages, widening collaborative action and impact in each. This begins with reimagining leadership; and proceeds through reengineering our company’s culture; building community architecture through effective movements; and leading societal conversations—all aiming for transcendent alliances that create meaningful and measurable changes in the world.

Don't miss this visionary, interactive and actionable session designed to empower your brand to thrive and rewrite our future.

Simon Mainwaring
Simon Mainwaring
Founder & CEO
We First
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We First, Inc. We First, Inc.
Wednesday 20th October
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Bay View - Room

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