Jeffrey Hogue


Chief Sustainability Officer



Jeffrey Hogue is the Chief Sustainability Officer of C&A Global. In this role, he is responsible for heading up the global development, coordination and delivery of C&A’s sustainability strategy worldwide, therefore, helping to drive C&A towards even greater responsibility and transparency.

Hogue, in his function, supports C&A as it moves away from a “take, make, waste” linear model to a circular one; that keeps resources in use for as long as possible. Today, the brand is widely recognised as the world’s largest user of organic cotton and the world’s sixth largest buyer of Better Cotton. He serves as a board member for C&A Foundation, Textile Exchange and Fashion for Good.

Jeffrey leads a global team of 135 sustainability professionals that deliver the global sustainability framework across 200 retail locations, 60,000 employees, and over 900,000 workers that produce products for C&A suppliers. His team strives toward performance and leadership in sustainable products, sustainable supply and sustainable lives.

Prior to his appointment as chief sustainability officer of C&A Global, Hogue was the senior director, global CSR and sustainability at McDonalds. Appointed in 2012, he successfully led the development of McDonald’s first set of sustainability goals and climate change strategy. Prior to this, Jeffrey served for 17 years at Danisco A/S and DuPont as their Chief Sustainability Officer.

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