Jesper Panduro

Skagerak Denmark

Owner & CEO



Jesper Panduro is the owner and CEO of Skagerak – a Danish design company founded in 1976. Since Jesper took full ownership of the company in 2010, he has been successful with transforming Skagerak into a global brand true to its Nordic virtues of simplicity and good craftsmanship.

For him, sustainability has always been a cornerstone in Skagerak’s DNA. To make beautiful and functional design that lasts for generations. The key to this is quality – from very beginning to the end. Quality in the process of designing, quality in the manufacturing and quality in the relations to people and the planet.

That’s why he decided to join the global B-corp movement this year with Skagerak, meeting the goals of the rigorous standards measured and certified by the American NGO B-Lab. From the conviction that sustainability, responsibility and profit are each other’s most important prerequisites, Jesper wants Skagerak to be the best FOR the world by using its competencies and influence as a force of good.

In line with this, Jesper has recently launched Skagerak’s first circular economy initiative called Reclassic – a recycling platform for buying and selling used Skagerak furniture.

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