Speaker Profile

Bill Baue

Senior Director

Reporting 3.0

As an internationally recognized expert on Sustainability Context, Online Stakeholder Engagement, and Thriveability, Bill Baue catalyzes systemic transformation. As a serial entrepreneur, he’s co-founded a number of companies and initiatives: 

• Reporting 3.0, a global public good nonprofit platform of Positive Mavericks working to transform to a regenerative and distributive economy using disclosure as a fulcrum of leverage.
• Convetit, an online stakeholder engagement platform.  
• Sustainability Context Group, a global community of thought leaders and practitioners who advocate for Context-Based Sustainability;
• Sea Change Radio, a globally syndicated podcast on sustainability.

He currently serves as Senior Director of Reporting 3.0, where he oversees the series of Blueprint Projects crowdsourcing redesign templates for the fields of reporting, accounting, data, and new business models with the goal of triggering the transformation to a regenerative and distributive economy and society.

He has written / edited several books and significant reports:

• The Transformation Journey Blueprint: A Step-By-Step Approach to Organizational Thriveability and System Value Creation (Co-Author with Ralph Thurm & Cornis van der Lugt), Reporting 3.0, 2018
• New Business Models Blueprint: Integral Business Model Design for Catalyzing Regenerative & Distributive Economies (Co-Author with Ralph Thurm), Reporting 3.0, 2018
• Data Blueprint: Data integration, contextualization & activation for multicapital accounting, Reporting 3.0, 2017
• The Time for Bold Movement is Upon Us: Reporting 3.0 Positive Mavericks Build Bridges to an Integral Economy (Co-Author with Ralph Thurm) Sustainable Brands, 2017
• Integral Thinking & True Materiality: A New Impetus Embracing Purpose, Success, and Scalability for Thriving Organizations (Editor) Sustainable Brands, 2016
• A Leader’s Guide to ThriveAbility: A Multi-Capital Operating System for a Regenerative, Inclusive Economy (Co-Author with Ralph Thurm, Paul van Schaik & Robin Lincoln Wood) Authorhouse, 2015
• Raising the Bar: Advancing Environmental Disclosure in Sustainability Reporting (Co-Author) United Nations Environment Programme, 2015
• Hairshirts, Rattlesnakes, and Shoelaces: Toward A Net Positive Movement Co-Curator / Editor with Ralph Thurm) Sustainable Brands, 2015
• Next Generation Sustainability Targets: Toward Big, Context-Based Goals (Curator / Editor) Sustainable Brands, 2014
• The Accountability Web: Weaving Corporate Accountability and Interactive Technology (Co-Author with Marcy Murninghan) Harvard, 2010

Baue has worked with prominent organizations across the sustainability ecosystem, including Audubon, Cabot Creamery Coop, Ceres, GE, Harvard, United Nations Environment Programme, Walmart, and Worldwatch Institute. He serves on the UN Science-Policy-Business Forum, the Technical Advisory Group of the Science Based Targets initiative and as Senior Advisor to Preventable Surprises.

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