Vlada Haggerty

Vlada Haggerty

Cosmetic Artist
Vladamua LLC

Vlada Haggerty is a cosmetic artist from Los Angeles, CA. Vlada has worked in the cosmetics industry as a makeup artist, beauty and cosmetic photographer, and lip artist for 13 years.

Vlada was born and raised in Kyiv, Ukraine where she began her makeup career.

​In 2014, Vlada moved to Los Angeles. This is where lip art became her creative outlet and her lips became her canvas. With over 300 lip art designs to date, Vlada continues to amuse her 600+k IG followers with her intricate designs and uses her platform for the causes she believes in like animal and human rights, reducing the use of plastic, protecting our oceans, and social justice.

With her success on social media came an overwhelming amount of PR packages from various brands, which at first was absolutely amazing, but after a while, it started affecting Vlada’s mental health in a negative way. Seeing how much product packaging and promotional materials went into the trash because they could not be recycled and how much plastic Vlada’s career alone was responsible for caused depression and anxiety.

For the longest time, Vlada didn’t know what she was feeling. She even contemplated quitting because she didn’t want to contribute so much to Earth’s pollution, but after attending the Sustainable Brands conference Vlada finally was able to name what she was feeling: eco-anxiety. Seeing that so many people are working on making this situation better inspired Vlada to join these efforts and use her voice to spread the word about the wonderful work Sustainable Brands are doing and help educate people on ways we can reduce our waste and make the Earth a better place.

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