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Creating Value for Society and The Environment

For many years, people lived by the motto: the bigger the better. Shopping the latest trends equaled with having a good life. More and more today the meaning of the good life is changing, we as consumers want to know the impact of goods we purchase or order on our planet and on us, the […]

Redefining the Good Life: Expanding the Conversation at SB’17 Copenhagen

In 2017, Sustainable Brands launched a 3-year initiative to explore our global societal aspirations and frame a conversation about how we can rethink what the ‘Good Life’ means for a healthy individual, family, community, city, country and planet. We launched this initiative in May in Detroit, Michigan, the iconic center of the American Industrial Age. […]

3 Ways to Turn Your Community into Advocates

You have a strong brand purpose and you know what your company stands for. You’ve done the legwork of building a sustainability strategy and calculating your impacts — both positive and negative. Now what? Now is the time to personalize your sustainability story to attract and bring in your community as brand advocates and customers. […]

Making Good Happen – You Are an Acrobat of the Impossible

I am privileged to be able to speak at the Sustainable Brands conference in Copenhagen at the end of October 2017- this will be my third SB conference, and I am delighted that SB started a three year initiative beginning with “Redefining the Good Life,” a topic I have put much ink to paper on […]