Speaker Profile

Stacey Nelson Smith

President & CEO

Civilian Agency

Stacey Nelson Smith founded Civilian in 1999 and has led its mission to promote social change for the common good. She brings more than 25 years of experience in strategic planning, community outreach, and partnership development to Civilian’s work. Stacey oversees campaign strategy, leads agency capabilities and innovation, and ensures operational efficiency. She has worked with numerous government and not-for-profit agencies on a variety of behavior change initiatives, including healthy eating, smoking cessation, recycling and conservation, disaster preparedness, public transportation promotion, suicide prevention, and mental health awareness and stigma reduction. She is recognized for her highly accountable approach that is focused on measurable results and sustainable change. Under Stacey’s leadership, Civilian has become a specialist and proven partner in implementing social marketing campaigns for the general public, as well as for multicultural, under-served, and hard-to-reach populations.

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