Speaker Profile

Rebekah Moses

Senior Sustainability Manager

Impossible Foods

Rebekah Moses leads sustainability and agriculture at Impossible Foods, a company developing plant-based meat and dairy for a more sustainable and secure food system. In this role, she builds environmental impact strategy and a business sustainability platform. Additionally, she works on research development of novel crop-based protein supply chains. After beginning her career in the defense and policy space, Rebekah moved into food systems research, and specialized in international agricultural development for her graduate studies at the University of California. She has since worked at the intersection of ecology, agriculture, and international development in the MidEast and domestically. Her research and operational work has supported USAID, UC Berkeley, Stanford and most recently Cal Poly’s coastal ecosystem facility (featuring rangeland beef production). She is driven by the possibility of feeding the world, supporting biodiversity and addressing climate through market and product solutions.

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