Speaker Profile

Jennifer Lindenauer

Chief Marketing Officer

Good Media Group

Jennifer Lindenauer is CMO at Upworthy managing brand marketing and communications.

Prior to Upworthy, Lindenauer was SVP Marketing & Communications for the Guardian, where she introduced the brand to the American market and ran the communications team supporting the Guardian’s Pulitzer Prize winning series, The NSA Files, with leaked documents from Edward Snowden.

Before the Guardian, Lindenauer worked as SVP at Fenton Communications, the largest global social change communications firm creating social marketing campaigns on behalf of foundations and nonprofits. While at Fenton, she built an advertising network of top-notch creative talent dedicated to progressive change during the 2008 election.

Previously, Lindenauer was Communications Director for MoveOn.org where she went toe-to-toe with Karl Rove on several occasions. She got her start in politics working for state, local and national campaigns in Washington state, Colorado, Michigan and Washington DC.

Lindenauer lives in Brooklyn with her partner, son and Darwin the Dog.

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