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Sustainable Mindset Unlocked: Bridging the Gap Between Words and Deeds

People turn ideas into reality and strategy into motion. They are the organization’s most important source of competitive advantage, and yet, paradoxically, they are often also the organization’s most misunderstood and least-leveraged asset.

Meaningful and lasting transformation starts from a transformation of mindsets: top-down, bottom-up, inside and outside of the brand equation. Even the best, most robust strategy fails when it does not resonate with those who are supposed to implement it or believe it.

The neuro-cognitive test shared in this presentation unveils hidden bias and unlocks the potential for lasting changes in attitudes and behavior; this session will offer a taste of the test, showing an example of how to find and quantify differences between employees’ words and true beliefs, and from there how to remove some of the most challenging barriers to desirable organizational change.

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GM, EEU and Strategic Director, SB Services
Sustainable Brands
Sustainable Brands
President of Neurohm and iCode
Thursday 9th May
11:55 AM - 12:10 PM

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