Marcello Palazzi


B-Corp Europe


B Lab Global Ambassador and CEO at SIX

Palazzi is a public-minded entrepreneur operating as a developer of ventures, projects and initiatives that coalesce private and public interests for the benefit of the common good. In pursuit of this goal, Palazzi works in and across business, finance, civil society, philanthropy and government.

Palazzi studied economics at the University of Buckingham, public and foreign policy and business administration at London School of Economics (LSE), London Business School (LBS), MIT and the Rotterdam School of Management. At LSE, in 1984, he graduated with a far-sighted thesis on "The Role of Small & Medium Enterprises in the European Community". At LBS, in 1987, he won "The Economist" Prize for best project on "Entrepreneurship and Management in the Non-profit Sector", overviewed and inspired by Professor Charles Handy. Schooling in northern Italy, Switzerland and the UK. Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in the UK, member of The Clinton Global Initiative (2009-2010) in New York City, The HUB in Amsterdam.

At age 23, at the start of his career in 1981, he co-founded his first business in the UK and Italy with his father, manufacturing and marketing diagnostic laboratories and kits for environmental monitoring. Having achieved sales in 30 countries and considerable market recognition, he and his family sold the business in 1992. Since 1993 he has focused on Progressio Foundation from the Netherlands, which he had co-founded with Paul Kloppenborg in 1989.

Since the past, he has initiated or been involved in more than 300 “civic” projects in 33 countries, partnering with UN agencies, governments, foundations, corporations and NGOs.

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