For a sustainable future SB’18 Istanbul is carried out as Sustainable Event with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of the event and raising environmental awareness of all stakeholders by sharing knowledge.

What’s being done to reach the goal of Sustainable Event for SB’18 Istanbul?

  • The event is aimed to take place in accordance with the Sustainable Event direction given by the international organizations
  • Cooperation with all stakeholders is aimed in order to reach the goal of Sustainable Event
  • The use of efficient energy systems to reduce the energy consumption is encouraged
  • The waste generated in the event is encouraged to be involved in the recycling system
  • Recycled materials are used for most of the promotion and communication materials
  • Event participants are encouraged to use public transport
  • Online registration and invitation system is used to minimize paper consumption
  • The food served at the conference is selected from seasonal and local food
  • The carbon emissions generated during the event is calculated and neutralized