Jill Osburn

Jill Osburn

GM of Portfolio Development
Shell Renewables & Energy Solutions

Jill Osburn is a US based leader supporting Renewable Energy Solutions (RES) growth and development as an integrated business in the Americas. She has been supporting RES since 2019, first in a strategy role leading the Integrated Power Strategy work and supporting the organizational design to deliver the strategy, and now as Portfolio Development Manager for RES Americas working to implement that strategy in the region.

In her current role, she leads a team that maintains an integrated view of the power business in the Americas, and the roadmap for how we will grow it. In addition, Portfolio Development serves as an incubator for new business lines in the Americas such as establishing a flexible gas generation business and growing alternative sources of load.

She has been with Shell since 1999, serving in various roles in DS Manufacturing and P&T, including Reliability Engineering, Root Cause Analysis, Operations Management, and Production Excellence for Major Projects both in Front End Design and coordinating large facility startups. In 2016 she joined Shell Strategy, initially serving as the Regional Strategy Consultancy Manager for the Americas before focusing her strategy efforts to support RES and specifically power.

In all she does, professionally and personally, Jill has an interest in understanding how things are connected through time and space, and how we can leverage those connections together to create the future we envision.


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Wednesday 19th October
3:45 PM - 4:45 PM