Speaker Profile

Susan Emmer

Senior Director, Impact Partnerships


Susan is XPRIZE’s Senior Director, Impact Partnerships where she identifies, develops and leverages partner networks to increase brand awareness and thought leadership for XPRIZE, activates and engages “the crowd” to help solve humanity’s grand challenges, and generates post-prize commitments and funding to scale impact. Prior to her current role, Susan was the Director of Marketing & Communications at XPRIZE, and the marketing lead on the $30M Google Lunar XPRIZE. She also spearheaded the launch of the $20M NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE.

Before coming to XPRIZE, Susan was the Director of Marketing & Corporate Development at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Monica. Prior to that she founded Silicon Beach Marketing to help startups with branding and PR, as well as Farmacy Agency, a marketing lifestyle firm focused on socially and environmentally conscious companies. In addition, Susan led the marketing department at a high-profile home and design magazine where she identified, developed and negotiated partnerships to increase advertising revenue, circulation and brand awareness.

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