Speaker Profile

Shilpa Prasad

Director of Partnerships


Shilpa offers creative energy and leadership to the company, where she oversees all things related to Growth & Partnerships. An entrepreneur by nature, Shilpa brings her passion for making change to her work at YouNoodle everyday. Over the past two years, while being at YouNoodle, Shilpa has managed key relationships with industry leaders such as Tommy Hilfiger, PwC, Salesforce, Amazon, Booking.com, World Bank and United Nations and has executed large-scale innovation programs and building meaningful partnerships that support the future growth of the company.

She has also been responsible for defining the structure and execution of strategic initiatives through the development of work plans, gathering and generation of relevant data, driving analyses, and the development of actionable recommendations for corporations in various capacities. Overall she has a huge passion for startups and believes that there is such a thing as match made in heaven for corporations and startups to come together.

Shilpa Prasad's Sessions