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Katherine Jeffery

Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder


I have been on this life-changing journey with Brad since the beginning and believe it is a privilege to be able to serve the world in this way. I have always had a heart for those who were vulnerable and have served different populations over the years. This included teens who had gone astray and found a place of transformation in the mountains of North Carolina, children who had lost their families and were placed in foster care, and college students who were passionate in growing into who they were created to be. Each group was so remarkable and resilient in their own way.

Along the way, I traveled to India to build awareness around the human suffering in the world and what it means to do our part in bringing light into this world. I fell in love with the Indian people and something in me knew this was by design. Shortly after, I met Brad and we have been working together to do our part in working to end poverty, slavery, and trafficking by providing hope and dignity to women and men making the quality products we have in our CAUSEGEAR and MADE BY FREE WOMEN lines.

I look forward to each journey overseas where the faces and stories come to life and the life-change provided through each purchase becomes real in a very tangible way.

Dr. Katherine Jeffery has a B.S. in biology and a B.A. in psychology from Indiana University, a Masters in Counseling from Clemson University, and a PhD in Education. Prior to her time at CAUSEGEAR, she had the opportunity to train up future leaders and still enjoys consulting with companies who want to do good in the world. She has extensive experience working with Millennials and really enjoys being a part of God’s redemptive work in the world. View Katherine Jeffery on LinkedIn.

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