Speaker Profile

Dori Graff

Co-founder & CMO


Dori is the co-founder and chief marketing officer at Kidizen, a digital marketplace for parents to buy and sell high quality clothing and accessories. Recognizing that kids clothing often gets outgrown faster than they’re worn, Kidizen helps to ensure that products are used for the entirety of their lifecycle. Kidizen has recently started partnering with brands that put a strong emphasis on sustainability, and seek to inspire consumer confidence by promoting the quality and longevity of their products.

Prior to launching Kidizen, Dori spent 12+ years in the design and advertising industry developing marketing campaigns and communication strategies for retailers such as Target, Kohl’s, and Best Buy. Dori’s expertise center around understanding the consumer behaviors of moms, and how to garner the trust and loyalty needed to establish meaningful connections. This experience combined with her involvement in the Collaborative Consumption business community has provided Dori with a unique perspective on how businesses can effectively communicate and engage with their consumers in the new sharing economy.

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