Neliana Fuenmayor


Neliana Fuenmayor – is an award-winner designer, creative entrepreneur and consultant pioneering sustainable innovation advocating for transparency in fashion — Introducing Blockchain technology for fashion supply chains.

Founding director of ‘A Transparent Company’ a consultancy for sustainability, innovation & communication strategy; winning the converted Kering Award for Sustainable Fashion 2015 for Stella McCartney, fashion lead and consultant for tech start-up Provenance – Neliana is at the forefront of sustainable innovation and transparency in fashion.

“My experience in fashion design, sustainability, entrepreneurship and innovation has shaped my professional profile by adopting an open and holistic approach to collaborative leadership. My diverse experience enables me to drive the co-creation and successful execution of innovative projects such as #blockchaininfashion: ‘From Farm To Finished Garment: Blockchain Is Aiding This Fashion Collection With Transparency’. (Forbes, 2017). 

Portrait credited to Bella Fenning 

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