WHEN 10 - 11 October
WHERE Kuala Lumpur [email protected], Bangsar South

Now in its 11th year, the Sustainable Brands conference has engaged over 400 thought leaders and the biggest brands worldwide on why heeding growing consumer demand for environmentally-friendly practices matters.

Equally important is how green practices actually translate into higher operating efficiencies and financial returns. Speakers will share insights and data on how to grow businesses, as well as tools and methods to support green initiatives.

Register today and learn how it profits brands to protect our planet.

Gerald Miranda
[email protected]

“2017 sees Sustainable Brands conferences
being held in 11 worldwide locations. As the home to the premier global community of brand leaders there is no better event to tap into the environmental and social issues of today to drive innovation and deliver new business and brand value”

Why Attend? As the demand for business services continues to soar, brand leaders are confronted with uncertainties which lead to a complex set of challenges. To redefine the good life, brands require a new way of thinking and collaboration with international thought leaders will help guide the way.

Who should attend #SBKL17


I seek to solve social problems that alleviate, or altogether eliminate, resource tensions along the way.


I believe leadership stems from brands that have awareness of the impact they have on the world around them.


I encourage purpose-driven voice and invite stakeholders on interactive, co-creative journeys.


I seek skillful, sensitive design that leads to radical innovation and heightened shared value.


Supply chain disruptions are not an option. I strive for enlightenment across the entire value chain.


I encourage embedded sustainability-driven behaviors and pro-active management to drive change from within.

Redefining the Good Life Be part of a critical and timely conversation about what the Good Life of the future looks like. Discover how future focused brands can help drive better business results by enabling healthier individuals, families and communities around the world and a flourishing future for all.

The Sustainable Brands fraternity worldwide comprises some of the leading brands in the world today