Sille Krukow


Founder & Chief Behavioral Designer



Sille Krukow is the founder of KRUKOW; A world-leading behavioral design team established in Denmark/Scandinavia operating on a global scale.
KRUKOW was founded in 2014 by Behavioral Design Expert Sille Krukow who as one of the first in the world developed evidence-based methodologies on how to help big
businesses drive long-term behavioral changes amongst consumer and employees. The Krukow methodology combines insights from cognitive psychology, behavioral economics and design thinking to make green, healthy and safe everyday decisions easy and business viable.

The KRUKOW team conducts projects and training programs innovating industry tools, pointing out how small changes can make big results. Sille Krukow is a frequent keynote speaker/TED talker at international conferences, facilitator of workshops in Denmark and abroad for some of the largest companies in the world and holds an MA in Visual Communication Design from the Royal Danish Design School.

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