Nusret Kayhan Apaydın

Nusret Kayhan graduated from METU Industrial Engineering in 1983, and he has started his career in the same year as Production Planning Specialist at Ortadoğu Bearing Industries.

In the year 1987 he has joined Tusaş Engine Industries, where he acted as Materials Director in the F16 project. Within the scope of this joint project with General Electric, he had special training in the USA.

He continued his career in İstanbul; in 1991 he started working as Factory Manager at a Swiss company, Hüni Leather Machines A.Ş.

In the year 1996, he took on the task of founding general manager at İstanbul Memorial Health İnvestments A.Ş. He had witnessed awarding of the first JCI Accreditation certificate in Turkey to İstanbul Memorial Hospital, which was put into service in the year 2000.

In 2002, Apaydın transferred to Ülker Group and continued as General Manager at Bizim Collective Consumption A.Ş. and Ülker Golf companies until 2009.

During his 31-year business life Apaydın had experience in many areas from production to service; he continues his career, which had started at 1996, at VİKO since 2010.

Nusret Kayhan Apaydın is married and has 2 children; he likes reading, doing exercise, and spending time with his family. Drawing, playing an instrument, Galatasaray, and his cat are among his personal hobbies.

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