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5 Takeaways from Australia’s First Sustainable Brands Conference

Author: Sarah Nolet 5 July 2016 [This article was originally published on Conscious Connection] Sustainable Brands is an international community of sustainability professionals that hosts annual flagship events in San Diego and London. This year, for the first time, Sustainable Brands came to Australia. The conference, titled “HOW NOW”, focused on HOW brands can innovate for sustainability […]

If Humanity were a Corporation

If Humanity were a Corporation, what would it take to make Sustainability its Brand and Sufficiency Economy its Value. Dr.Sirikul Laukaikul & Dr.Poomjai Nacaskul While at this moment, every social unit recognises that it is NOW that we all need to take action, the most challenging question is always HOW. What should be—would be—the best […]

Placemaking – A New Approach To An Old Idea

By Andrew Block 21 June 2016 Placemaking may seem like a new term in the brand space, but it has been around for quite some time. A mix of urban planning, design and community building applied to enhance public spaces, placemaking opens up new opportunities for marketers in our increasingly urbanised world. Traditionally, placemaking has […]

Big Data, Sustainability And Big Business

By Andrew Block 21 June 2016 ‘Big data’ is the latest corporate buzzword. But don’t switch off yet. Stay with us to learn why this one may bring far bigger benefits in real terms. Organisations usually find it tough to understand what goes on beyond their operating environment. Big data – gathering and analysing large […]

4 Mistakes Companies Make When Aiming For Brand Sustainability

By Andrew Block 17 June 2016 Brands that jump on the sustainability bandwagon without due diligence often find themselves facing jilted consumers. Getting it wrong can affect both brand and bottom line. Here are four sustainability-related mistakes brands can make. 1. Thinking clever PR can replace real business sustainability Becoming a sustainable brand takes hard […]

Activating Purpose And Remaining Relevant In A Complex World

By Andrew Block 17 June 2016 In a time where increasing volatility, complexity and uncertainty are the new global norm, businesses face a unique challenge to remain relevant to their consumers. Being able to cut through with more than just the biggest sales and newest trends, but with something more meaningful is increasingly important. With […]

Millennials And The Circular Economy

Press Release Wednesday 8 June 2016 Discussing the benefits of sustainable production for brands at SB16 Sydney By 2025, 75% of the global workforce will be millennials . Born between 1982 and 2000, this diverse group has been labelled entitled, self-indulgent and selfie-obsessed, but the data shows they are significantly more engaged with sustainability and […]

Announcement: SB16 Sydney To Offset Conference – Climate Friendly

Sustainable Brands will reduce the carbon footprint of its Sydney Conference by offsetting the event’s emissions from electricity, food, waste, transport, freight and venue hire with Climate Friendly’s Lenroy carbon farming project. “We chose a local project in NSW that will help farmers manage their land more sustainably and protect the environment and habitat of […]

Turning Australia Into A Leader Of Sustainability

By Andrew Block 5 June 2016 The recent news story exposing the scale of coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef has put the enormous challenge of sustainability into stark focus. Couple this with increasing rates of homelessness and other major social issues and businesses may seem overwhelmed by the challenge. But local brands have […]