New Products, Solutions and Business Models to Activate Your Purpose AND Profit

In a little over a month, nearly 2,000 thought leaders will gather at SB’16 San Diego to discuss, share, and explore the evolving solutions allowing them to successfully translate environmental and social purpose into business and brand value. The event will boast four days of jam-packed programming providing the latest intelligence from top researchers, tangible solutions from brands at the forefront of sustainability, and insights into pertinent topics such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals, product innovation, supply chain development, consumer behavior, employee engagement, and much more. Here are just a few of the program highlights you can’t afford to miss:

A Close Look at New Tools, Research Reports, Business Strategies and Creative Campaigns

  • The Future-Fit Foundation, The ThriveAbility Foundation, Evonomics, We First, Forum for the Future and Biomimicry 3.8 with the latest versions of powerful strategy and leadership frameworks helping brands activate purpose in an integrated and interdisciplinary fashion compatible with a flourishing future for all
  • New tools by Shopperception, Social Code, Mattr, RealEyes and Matter Unlimited unlocking previously unreachable real-time consumer and market insights through next-generation predictive technologies, virtual reality applications and novel data analytics
  • New research data and reports exploring purpose-centric drivers of consumer, employee and investor behavior by SustainAbility, GlobeScan, BBMG, EY, Sustainable Brands, MIT Sloan,,, Care2, LinkedIn, Imperative, PwC, Yale University, WeSpire and more
  • An overview of The Chemical Footprint Project, a new tool for evaluating and benchmarking efforts that increase product safety, featuring Beautycounter, Johnson & Johnson and Kaiser Permanente
  • REI, JetBlue, Ben & Jerry’s, Upworthy, GOOD Inc, ATTN and others with new case studies and tips on embracing effective approaches to viral purpose-led branded content without the help of clickbait or other distasteful tricks

Leading Edge Change-Makers and Bold Entrepreneurs Offer Tangible Ideas to Activate Your Brand

  • Unilever, Novozymes, BASF, Whirlpool and UNEP on aligning the UN Sustainable Development Goals with brand strategy, product and service innovation, employee engagement, and corporate sustainability goal-setting
  • Impressive new cases of shared value creation with respect to multiple stakeholder groups, with input from Vaseline, Target, General Mills, Honest Tea and Timberland, among others
  • A range of strategies for following up on the momentum of COP21 and leveraging its outcomes in the name of evolving corporate sustainability efforts, featuring Ceres, Google, Mars and IKEA
  • Kashi, Nespresso, Ford, MillerCoors, Hershey’s and others with exemplary new case studies on supply chain leadership, sharing cutting-edge strategies for collaborating with suppliers on a number of fronts
  • Inspiring disruptive innovators designing products and services with the whole value chain in mind, baking in quality, uniqueness, transparency, humanity and wise use of materials from day one, featuring Etsy, Mud Jeans and The Body Shop

Seven Focused Discussion Tracks that Analyze Specific Business Issues

  • The Sustainable Agriculture Network, the Forest Stewardship Council, the Marine Stewardship Council and the ISEAL Alliance in a thoughtful discussion on evolving sustainability certification schemes for greater impact
  • Nasdaq, MIT Sloan and HIP Investor in an informed and open discussion aiming to help resolve important points of disconnect between corporate and investor perceptions and demands
  • PayPal, Direct Relief, eBay for Charity and others in an co-creative session on embedding more purpose elements in the user experience of e-commerce, above and beyond current best practices
  • A thorough Sustainly analysis of the ways the world’s biggest brands communicate their sense of purpose and define sustainability on social media, through the eyes of the 6th Annual Social Media Sustainability Index
  • Frog Design and Singularity University leading hands-on workshops on leveraging the Internet of Things, exponential technologies and other global megatrends to design future-proof business models

Still not convinced? Take a look at the Full Program for a complete breakdown of the conference schedule, breakouts, workshops, and main stage sessions. And if all of this isn’t enough, consider the valuable networking opportunities with some of today’s leading business minds, brands, organizations, NGOs, exciting new startups, and more! Be sure to register before prices increase on May 6th.



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