Engaging the Whole for Transformative Change

For over a decade, the Sustainable Brands community has been at the forefront of elevating the business case for embedding environmental and social purpose into the core of a brand. The future of business requires a certain level of leadership to move us closer towards becoming purpose-led brands and that starts with a personal commitment to rethink one’s relation(ship) to work as well as their brand or company’s role in the world.

From the Archives

In 2008, Lyell Clarke, CEO of Clarke environmental services company, had a ‘spear in the chest moment’ and was compelled to completely transform his family’s 75-year-old business. Watch this video from SB’12 San Diego in the archives of the SB Library and hear the beginning of his inspiring journey to engage the entire company and its many stakeholders on his new, sustainable vision for Clarke.


Activating Purpose at SB’16 San Diego

Transformative personal purpose and courageous leadership have given rise to many of today’s outstanding brands and breakthrough sustainability solutions. In the weeks leading up to SB’16 San Diego, we’ll be sharing inspirational stories from our community archives and building upon our 2016 global conversation – Activating Purpose. Key conversation topics at SB’16 San Diego focused on purpose-driven leadership will include: leveraging faith-based communities to amplify purpose-driven leadership and broaden its reach; exploring striking characteristics of Millennial and Gen Z trailblazers as the next generation of sustainable business leaders; and cultivating purpose-driven leadership and influence from a variety of personal belief systems.

Join these speakers and others as they share their stories about Transformative Change at SB’16 San Diego

  • Guillaume Le Cunff, President, Nespresso USA on pursuing a transformative Positive Cup sustainability strategy
  • Christopher Davis, International Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, The Body Shop on activating purpose through ambitious goal-setting
  • Bert van Son, Founder & CEO, Mud Jeans on industry transformation based on a circular business model
  • Roman Smith, Director, Sustainability Operations, Corporate Sustainability & Philanthropy, AT&T on transformative product and service innovation

Brands are moving beyond the concept of purpose-driven brand leadership to actually developing real tools, techniques and models for activating purpose. In your opinion, who are the companies that are consistently performing above the pack?

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