Drive Your Brand to Succeed by Activating Purpose

KoAnn Vikoren SkrzyniarzConsumers around the world today are becoming more demanding of the brands they buy — looking for new products, services and business models that surprise and delight while also contributing to a healthy environment and society. But becoming a purpose driven brand can be a minefield. One misstep and you’re tagged as a green washer, or worse.

Nevertheless, those brand leaders who succeed in tapping this shift are thriving in the face of uncertainty. A slew of “Billion Dollar Brands” with environmental and/or social purpose at their core have been built in just the last decade — and more are coming. Building them takes a new way of thinking, a new set of tools, and a new community of collaborators. Sustainable Brands is here to help.

We’ve Learned a LOT in 10 Years!

In 2016 Sustainable Brands celebrates 10 years as a community of change makers who are learning together while helping brand leaders and their partners move from understanding why purpose driven brand leadership is the path to success in the 21st century — to actually learning how to bring that purpose to life.

Our community of brand innovators has been trying and testing new frameworks, methods, tools and partnerships to ensure purpose driven brands outperform traditional brands in delivering tangible business results. We’ve seen results in the form of revenue growth, customer loyalty and improved Net Promoters Scores at massive traditional companies like Unilever, Levi’s, Target, CVS Health, Timberland, BMW, AT&T, Campbell Soup, as well as at upstart disruptor brands like Method, Patagonia, AirBnB, Chipotle and more. All of these brands are becoming increasingly bold in their commitment to change the shape of global commerce and win in the market by committing to and ACTIVATING on a brand authentic purpose to deliver meaningful value beyond profit. And Sustainable Brands is where they come to learn, share and partner.

From Imagining — to Activating Purpose

From the sharing economy to the circular economy to bio-inspired design and more — a wealth of promising visions for decoupling growth and creating more resilient societies and economies are creating new pathways to activate brand purpose around the world.
Activating Purpose
This year, tap in to your personal purpose, mobilize your brand to action and find your path to 21st century success. Now a global community of over 1 million business leaders operating on 6 continents, Sustainable Brands is home to courageous optimists who are reshaping the future of commerce worldwide — connect with them in person this June at SB’16 San Diego. Help us celebrate 10 years of change making and learn how to drive your brand to success by Activating Purpose for a flourishing future.


KoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz
Sustainable Brands Worldwide

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