16 Insights into Purpose-Driven Business Innovation

As the largest community gathering in the Sustainable Brands global conference network, this year’s SB’16 San Diego event will focus on how brands can succeed by Activating Purpose with sustainability-led innovation that creates and scales positive impact.

Over 200 influential brand leaders and cutting-edge practitioners of environmental and social innovation will contribute to the program by leading interactive discussions, deep-dive workshops, plenary presentations and networking activities designed to cultivate conversation and debate. Business leaders from companies such as Google, REI, DoSomething.org, Unilever, AT&T, Target, Etsy, and others are confirmed to attend this year. Program highlights include:

The Macro Landscape of Purpose

  1. Globescan, SustainAbility, EY and Sustainable Brands will present results of brand new joint research projects surveying the ‘landscape of purpose’ in terms of consumer demand and behavior, leadership perceptions and the ROI of purpose-led business strategies.
  2. Nasdaq, MIT Sloan and others will explore new data on investor attitudes and actions with respect to purpose and sustainability, focusing on resolving important points of disconnect between corporate and investor perceptions and demands.
  3. The ThriveAbility Foundation, Economics, We First and Forum for the Future will unleash powerful new frameworks and tools for analyzing the evolution of the global economy, helping brands think about activating purpose in an integrated and interdisciplinary fashion compatible with the ways in which our very understanding of economics and business is being transformed.

Purpose-driven Leadership

  1. The Future-Fit Foundation will present the latest version of the Future-Fit Business Benchmark, a gold standard of science-based goal-setting and performance guide for companies that want to flourish while adding to the wellbeing of society as a whole. One of the first few Future-Fit adopters, The Body Shop, will share how it’s using this tool to map its path to a regenerative presence.
  2. Unilever, Novozymes, BASF and UNEP will lead a practical constructive discussion on adopting and aligning the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with brand strategy, product and service innovation, employee engagement, and corporate sustainability goal-setting.
  3. Vaseline, REI, JetBlue, Ben & Jerry’s, Campbell Soup and others will go behind the scenes on new consumer engagement campaigns that are shaping the landscape of purpose-driven brand positioning, messaging and actions.
  4. Freya Williams, author of the brilliantly-put-together new book Green Giants, will explore what underlies the success of the world’s first billion-dollar sustainable brands, followed by a discussion with some of the brands in this elite billion-dollar club, including Organic Valley, Target and more.
  5. Janine Benyus, the founder of Biomimicry 3.8, will help brands apply decades’ worth of pioneering biomimicry research to find out what nature can teach executives about effective, purpose-driven leadership and design.

Building a Purposeful Organization

  1. LinkedIn, Imperative, Timberland and Kohler will address benefits of purpose-driven employees, as well as what brands can do to close the ‘purpose gap’ by changing employee culture and mindsets in order to embed sustainability priorities throughout the entire organization.
  2. Google’s sustainability team will walk attendees through a fascinating case study on the data, design process and tools they used to successfully engage fellow Google employees to change their behavior with respect to certain sensitive type of workplace waste.

Engaging Customers through Purpose

  1. Shopperception and RealEyes will be just two of the exciting new solution providers that we are bringing to the Sustainable Brands community this year, offering new types of real-time consumer and market insights, as well as new predictive and analytical technologies that can help activate purpose in marketing and advertising.
  2. Sustainly will share results and insightful analysis based on the 6th Annual Social Media Sustainability Index, focused specifically on what brands stand for, how effectively they communicate their sense of purpose and how they define sustainability through their communication strategies.

Innovation on Purpose

  1. Etsy, Mud Jeans and Fairphone are among a group of disruptive innovators who will inspire us to design products and services with the whole value chain in mind, baking in quality, uniqueness, transparency, humanity and wise use of materials from day one.
  2. Walmart and Target will provide a detailed update on their breakthrough pre-competitive partnership around beauty and personal care products sustainability.
  3. MetaWear, The Renewal Workshop, Reformation and Soko form the core of a stellar lineup of sustainable fashion entrepreneurs that are, between them and each in their own right, radically re-thinking every aspect of typical fashion business models and value chains.

Activating Purpose Upstream

  1. Kashi, Nespresso, Ford, MillerCoors and Hershey’s will walk attendees through exemplary case studies in supply chain leadership, sharing a rich variety of cutting-edge strategies for engaging and collaborating with suppliers to incentivize and help them innovate for sustainability.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from and connect with today’s leading brands and professionals while exploring detail-rich case studies, practical know-how, and specific implementation tips to help accelerate your business success. Reserve your spot now!

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