Jeremy Faludi

Faludi Design, UC Berkeley

Sustainable Design Strategist & Educator


Jeremy Faludi has been a sustainable design strategist and educator for over fifteen years. He has taught sustainable design at Stanford University, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, California College of the Arts, and elsewhere. He co-authored the Autodesk Sustainability Workshop, viewed by over a million people from over 150 countries, as well as Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute’s online learning program. He has contributed to six books on sustainability, including Worldchanging: A User’s Guide to the 21st Century, as well as his academic journal articles and technical reports for industry.

Jeremy designed the prototype of for the Biomimicry Institute, and a bicycle he helped design appeared in the Cooper Hewitt museum’s exhibit “Design for the Other 90%”. He was sustainability manager for Project Frog, one of the leaders in modular green building, and has consulted for Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. He is one of the world’s experts in life cycle assessment of 3D printing, and has consulted on the subject for Autodesk and the OECD.

At UC Berkeley, Jeremy is researching how sustainable design methods can drive product innovation. He is actively seeking research participants from industry.

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