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Registered for the SB’16 San Diego or The Activation Hub? Now, download the Mobile App!

Now that you’re registered for SB’16 San Diego or The Activation Hub you’ve most likely been introduced to our SB’16 San Diego App. Real-time event details at your fingertips. Connect with other attendees, create your personal schedule, navigate the expo, and much more! Available for most smartphones and tablets.

(If you are a current SB’16 San Diego registered attendee, you will be receiving your login credentials shortly, to begin utilizing the app).

Available on App StoreAvailable on Google PlayGo to SB'14 Mobile Site

Or visit from your mobile device.



To log in, simply:

1. Type in your email address


2. Type in your password (provided in attendee email – otherwise select ‘Reset Password’ to reset)


Only registered attendees of SB’16 San Diego can log-in and access the information in the mobile app.  If you are registered but have not received your login information – it will be provided to you within 24 hours after the time of your registration – please contact us at if there is an issue.


Profile Setup

To set up your profile, simply:

1. Click on the circular photo icon on the top left of the screen.


2. Click on Edit Profile to access your profile


3. From this screen you can add your photo by clicking on the circular photo icon under ‘Edit Profile’


4. Edit your name, title or company name by clicking in the appropriate box

5. Connect with your social profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) by using the slider buttons at the bottom of the page

6. IMPORTANT: Your profile is automatically set to receive messages direct to your email. The sender will not receive your email address unless you respond. To turn off this feature: select gear icon in top right and deselect ‘allow private messaging’


7. To save changes, be sure to click the check mark ✓ in the upper right hand corner of the screen




View a list of attendees. Please note that only logged in users will be able to access this function.


All Attendees are listed by last name, but you can search by specific names, companies, and titles.

Connect with other attendees through the app in the following ways:

1. You can ‘follow’ an attendee by selecting the attendee of choice, then selecting the icon in the top right corner of their profile. The attendee will then receive a notification that you are following them.


2. You can send a message directly to a specific attendee’s inbox if they have allowed for this feature. Select the attendee you would like to connect with, see if they have the ‘send message’ feature and send a message. They will receive this in their inbox and can reconnect with you outside of the app via email.

3. You can also tag any attendee in any discussions or updates you post in the app (great alternative to connect attendees that have not allowed direct messaging). Simply tag them @NAME in any post or discussion, and they will be notified that they have been tagged. Example: ‘@Riley Scherer looking forward to meeting you at the Opening Night plenary!’






Join discussions with other attendees, speakers and sponsors before and during the conference. Click on discussions in the left hand side to see all the open discussion groups, select a discussion and view feed under ‘activity’.


You can either add to a discussion that has already been created, or pose your own! If you have suggestions for discussion topics or need help, please contact SB –

Bring other attendees, speakers, and sponsors into the conversation by tagging them! Example: ‘Great idea @Melissa Pendergraft, I think that @Valerie Miller can provide some good insight on that point’


Bookmark any discussion groups of interest by clicking the icon on the right hand side, next to your topic of interest. Once bookmarked, you can also easily access these topics from your bookmarks tab in the left hand margin.


You can also see all new activity in discussions and posts from all attendees in the main Activity Feed.






View our speaker list to learn about our awesome faculty contributing to our conference program this year. You can connect via social media, bookmark them for later, and you will soon be able to see what sessions they are speaking on!

See speakers listed by name by selecting ‘Speaker’ tab


You can search by speaker name or company name to list your speakers of interest.


Click on an information icon next to the speaker name for more information.






View our Sponsor list, and see who is helping support #SB16sd, who is participating in the Activation Hub, hosts of our Connect Suites, and more! You can access company profiles, connect via social media, and even direct message Sponsors with any questions before you arrive onsite!

See Sponsors listed by name by selecting ‘Sponsor’ tab


You can sort Sponsors by category by selecting ‘sort’


You can access company profiles, including company descriptions, social media links, as well as pose any questions to each sponsor via the ‘activity feed’.






You can search for any attendees, sessions, speakers and sponsors by simply clicking on search icon and enter a keyword.





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