4 Breakthrough Research Studies and Sustainability Models to be Revealed

The Sustainable Brands community is home to conversations at the forefront of purpose-driven business innovation, equipping community members with the latest in sustainability tools, thought and practice to create new forms of value and activate purpose. The SB’16 Copenhagen conference will be no exception; several key announcements are planned from the thought leaders and experts behind breakthrough research projects and paradigm-changing new platforms. Recent developments will be presented around disruptive business models, strategic shifts in communications and marketing approaches, and consumer-to-brand relationships. Engage with the greatest minds in sustainability, when you join the conversation in Copenhagen this September. Be among the first to hear these insights and more:

  1. John Elkington will lead the European launch of the new Project Breakthrough, a strategic partnership between Elkington’s Volans and the UN Global Compact. The Breakthrough Innovation Platform will serve as a bridge between the linear world of incumbent companies, and the increasingly exponential worlds of insurgent innovators and entrepreneurs now driving disruptive businesses that are creating new, different forms of value. The initiative will share the stories of breakthrough innovators in 3 key areas:
    • Tomorrow’s Business Models, focusing on business models made possible by breakthrough innovation and digitalization, including platform and network models, the shift from products to services, on-demand offerings, and other models emerging from circular, collaboration and sharing economies
    • Disruptive Technologies for Sustainability, analyzing the upsides and downsides of technologies with the potential to disrupt industries and create opportunities for sustainable performance
    • The Exponential Looking Glass, putting a spotlight on ways to facilitate positive systemic exponential change for organizations and their stakeholders, on a societal and global level.
  2. Edelman EU will unveil new purpose-centric data that builds on its influential 2016 Earned Brand study. Based on surveying 13,000 consumers in 13 countries about their relationships with their favorite brands, the 2016 Edelman Earned Brand study identifies and quantifies a new territory for marketers that augments the classic purchase funnel. In addition to analyzing and measuring the strength of consumer-brand relationships in 18 industries – from food to financial services – the Earned Brand project has opened up further opportunities to examine consumer engagement campaigns and find out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to activating purpose.
  3. Futerra and the Cranfield School of Management will launch the results of a joint new research project known as The Sleepless Survey, revealing the most pressing challenges and compelling visions that currently keep business leaders and other bright minds awake at night. Designed to find ‘the edge of change,’ this study reveals the cutting edge of nighttime executive thinking at the intersection of business and purpose: the best, the worst, the unusual, the overlooked and the emergent.
  4. Chamber of Danish Commerce Environmental Director, Jakob Zeuthen, and sustainable communications expert Lars Ludvigsen will host a first look at the results of an in-depth new research project studying a wide array of labeling and certification models impacting Danish brands. The two will summarize current trends as well as likely scenarios for the future of all key players from the present to 2030. Both social and environmental labels and certification schemes will be covered, with primary focus will be on five product areas: personal care, food, clothes, homes and offices. The data and analysis from this research forms the basis of an upcoming book, to be released after SB’16 Copenhagen.

To view the complete SB’16 Copenhagen conference program, speakers and presenters, visit www.SB16Copenhagen.com

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