Program Overview

Through an innovative program of collaboration and information, Sustainable Brands ’16 Copenhagen seeks to provide inspiration, tools, and partnerships to drive business success and positive impact. Join us for plenaries, breakouts, workshops, the Activation Hub, and numerous networking events where you will discover how brands and business leaders are Activating Purpose with sustainability-led innovation to create scalable impact AND profitability.



An avalanche of trends and market drivers that set the tone.

Featured Plenaries Include:

Giles Hutchins, Author of Future Fit, will walk attendees through key insights from his latest book – an exploration of what it means to head in the direction of becoming a future-fit business, along

with the personal and organizational qualities it takes to get there. Intended as a practical workbook, Future Fit quickly transitions to concrete tips and case studies, recommended for seasoned business executives and entrepreneurs alike.

Alexandra Palt, Chief Sustainability Officer of L’Oréal, will present an up-to-date view of the variety of ways in which the cosmetics giant is innovating for sustainability. Among other things,

L’Oréal has been crowdsourcing ideas in new ways both internally and externally, while simultaneously building up a global management culture consistent with a bold journey toward activating purpose on multiple fronts.

Jennifer Hinton, Co-Author of How on Earth: Flourishing in a Not-For-Profit World by 2025, will unpack a fascinating and refreshing viable vision for a world in which

businesses place purpose over profit as a rule, supporting a thriving economy and humanity mainly on a new breed of not-for-profit organizations. Contrary to widely-held assumptions of non-profit inefficiency, unaccountability, and dependence on donors, 21st century not-for-profits can be highly efficient, transparent, and increasingly self-funded. Tune in as Jennifer unpacks how this new type of organization can act as an antidote to both the failures of state socialism and the excesses of corporate capitalism.

Filip Engel, Director of Group Sustainability, Public Affairs & Corporate Branding at DONG Energy, will share a story of business model innovation and transformation inspired by a decisive

transition toward an economy powered by renewable energy. Pivoting a large organization is never easy, and cases like DONG’s help equip the Sustainable Brands community with a range of tactics, tools and partners that can be helpful in the process.


Dynamic sessions to help you analyze specific business issues.

Featured Breakouts Include:

Claus Stig Pedersen, Head of Corporate Sustainability at Novozymes, will lead a series of sessions focused on revealing why and how Novozymes has embarked on a unique journey in terms of

adopting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a core driver of brand strategy, product and service innovation and sustainability goal-setting going forward. Claus will be joined by industry partners and peers in deep-dive conversations exploring how to activate and scale SDG-inspired purpose throughout global value chains.

Sandja Brügmann, CEO of Refresh Agency, will participate in a forward-looking discussion on activating purpose-driven storytelling and consumer engagement through mass media.

Conceived as an interactive, honest and solution-oriented conversation, this session will bring together communication professionals and chief editors to examine how content gets inked on a daily basis, and how good business stories can succeed in a landscape dominated by fear-based and sensationalist news.

Geoff Kendall, CEO & Co-Founder of the Future-Fit Foundation, will follow up his main-stage talk with a continued exploration of the latest version of the Future-Fit Business Benchmark,

a brilliantly put together new standard for science-based goal-setting and a performance guide for companies that want to flourish while adding to the wellbeing of society as a whole. Attendees will also learn who the first few Future-Fit adopters are among brands and how they are planning to use this breakthrough tool to map their paths to a regenerative presence in the world.

Tim Brooks, Vice President of Environmental Responsibility at LEGO, will provide a comprehensive update on the strategy and partners LEGO is engaging in its pursuit of sustainable

alternatives to materials currently used in its products. The company has devoted significant resources and publicity to its Sustainable Materials Centre, and this session will share lessons from that journey.


Half day, deep dive studios to help you turn ideas into action.

Featured Workshops Include:

Leith Sharp, Director of Executive Education for Sustainability Leadership at Harvard University, will lead a crash course on transformational leadership and core business integration of

sustainability into executive management,
designed to help participants move sustainability to the center of their organizational agenda. The transformation model at the core of this workshop represents over a decade of thought partnership with some of the world’s most successful sustainability leaders and is currently one of the most popular executive offerings at Harvard University.

Dirk Voeste, Vice President of Sustainability Strategy at BASF, will be part of a dynamic and high-caliber lineup of organizations – including WBCSD and thinkstep – leading a workshop on

steering a product portfolio towards sustainability. Over the past few years BASF has tested and perfected a best-in-class methodology for product portfolio assessment, and then used the results to tweak its business strategy and yield new business and brand value for its global business. WBCSD and thinkstep will bring their own expertise on the topic, while also helping lead an interactive exercise that helps digest and apply the subject matter in real time.

Sille Krukow, Chief Behavioral Designer at Krukow, will share practical insights on the art and science of catalyzing practical and lasting behavior change among consumers. Despite wide-spread

high-level understanding of everyone’s role in the complex system that is our global economy, it has proven quite difficult for most brands to inspire necessary changes in consumer behavior at scale. This session offers fresh insights and tools to help brands make progress in the difficult quest toward incentivizing new cultural norms around shopping and consumption of material goods.

Daniela Pigosso, Co-Founder at essensus, will lead a crash course helping business leaders plan and execute systematic integration of sustainability into strategy and core Read More...

business processes. The expertise that essensus brings is particularly helpful for planning product and service innovation pipelines, as well as for creating new modes of business development to suit said innovation pipelines. Attendees will learn not only how to measure and enhance the sustainability maturity of their innovation efforts, but also how to adjust core business processes accordingly.


An interactive marketplace where companies collaborate and find partners and solutions they need to address sustainability/CSR challenges.

Shaping the Future of Commerce Worldwide

The Activation Hub at SB’16 Copenhagen will serve as an action-centered environment that enables conversations, and drives productive partnerships between companies and organizations that share a commitment to creating a vibrant and sustainable economy of the future. The Activation Hub is a marketplace for attending brands to take the ideas and inspiration from the conference programming, and find solutions to help them transform their innovative ideas into practice, while addressing challenges. This action-centered environment serves to bring good ideas–and brand success–to life.

Featuring discussions and solution providers around top issues, such as:

  • How do we turn the vision of a circular economy into reality?
  • How do we better manage supply chains?
  • How do we develop superior materials and products?
  • How do we measure, analyze and report sustainability impacts?
  • How do we partner with NGOs to deliver brand-aligned positive change?
  • How do we set up sustainable workplaces?
  • How do we build smarter homes and cities?

And more!


Networking events designed to connect you with the right partners.

Network with Brand Innovators

This is where the networking really happens. Relax at the iconic Radison Blu Royal Hotel and enjoy the company of old friends and acquaintances. Connect with peers around a topic of shared interest while you sit down for an engaging conversation at one of the many Birds of a Feather dinners or talk over drinks during our Welcoming receptions in the Activation Hub. From the moment you arrive, to the minute you leave; take advantage of the endless opportunities to network. Come rested and ready to connect!


  • Opening Night Plenary
  • Welcome Reception
  • Activation Hub Activities
  • Birds of a Feather Dinners and Meet-ups
  • and much more TBA…