Miguel Neiva Miguel Neiva


Graphic designer and Ashoka fellow


Miguel is a Graphic Designer and an Ashoka Fellow.
He created ColorADD. Color identification system for colorblind, a pioneer, universal and inclusive code which allows the inclusion of about 350 million people around the world. He is committed with the worldwide implementation of this communication system – considered by the GALILEU magazine, Brazil, as one of the “40 ideas to improve the World”. ColorADD is already being implemented by several entities from different economic sectors of society.

Miguel has also created an NGO, ColorADD.Social, so that it may be used in education, thus allowing the inclusion of colorblind children without discriminating, always having in mind his mission of taking this tool all around the world, as far as one can reach… trying to promote a better World for All!!!

Invited to several international conferences, where he acts as speaker, he takes the opportunity to share his experience and passion with everyone, having been awarded with several distinctions.

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