Ivan Caballero

The Social Coin

Co-founder and CEO


Ivan is a versatile leader with a decade of experience in international startups.

He carries out projects where technology and the Internet are used to generate social impact aligned to conscious entrepreneurial spirit mindset and communicating with values and more citizen-oriented cities.

Ivan holds a degree in Business Administration and Management, a postgraduate degree in International Business and two masters in International Marketing in some of the best European business schools.

He began his career playing different senior positions in some multinational companies in the areas of distribution and high-tech. He continued his career as an entrepreneur with deep social motivation. Meanwhile, he supported various innovative projects of social impact with the support of his value proposition, gaining enough energy to become independent projects in sectors such as organizational development, acceleration risk, grants, fundraising, outreach, networking or consultancy.

In 2013, with some university students, he founded The Social Coin, a social movement to encourage and monitor acts of kindness. In a few months it became a global movement and gamechanging technology for social responsibility of companies, universities and smart cities.

His work with The Social Coin, Economics Don and Pay it Forward has inspired people around the world and has led him to receive the public recognition of the United Nations, the European Commission, The Institute for the Future, Gifted Citizens and various conferences innovation and social impact.

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