Bert Van Son Bert van Son

In 1983, Bert van Son, at the age of 23 moved to China to get a job in the textile industry. While there, he learned a lot from the Chinese culture but also saw firsthand the effects of today’s fast fashion industry on factory workers. Pressure on laborers to quickly produce cheap garments risked their safety and health. After having worked and lived in Taiwan, Hong Kong, France and Belgium, he knew that one-day in his life he was going to do things differently and focus on the circular economy.

In 2013, he introduced the concept Lease A Jeans, which means the consumer will no longer buy his jeans, but leases them. This way, the fashion label retains ownership of the jeans and most importantly, the raw materials. The jeans are made from certified cotton and are designed for disassembly to enable effective recycling.

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