About Quiero

Short notes about us

Quiero salvar el mundo haciendo marketing was born in September 2008, a pioneer in Spain focusing its marketing activity exclusively on the field of sustainability.

So far, we have worked with organizations such as: Government of Madrid, Unicef, the Red Cross, IKEA, Coca-Cola, Lafarge

“Quiero” is cooperating with some other organizations with which we have a common ground for action and purpose like:

  • Global Compact Signatory.
  • Partner of Forética.
  • Member of the Fair Wood campaign.
  • Youth Business Advisory Council Member Spain.
  • Member of the advisory board of SB world.

“Quiero” also created and promoted Diálogos En La Granja, a think tank that brings a space for debate and reflection about key issues in building a sustainable society.

IESE-CBS is a strategic partner in this initiative.

More information about “Quiero” at www.quierosalvarelmundohaciendomarketing.com