How Much Does Watson Know: The Evolution of Real-time Market Insights and Smart Interaction with Stakeholders


IBM’s Watson supercomputer and other related technologies hold the keys to a Holy Grail of sorts: accessing real-time market intelligence and unleashing superior new modes of stakeholder engagement. Cognitive computing, and natural language processing in particular, can make sense of huge quantities of previously-untapped data, finding details and patterns that help explain complex stakeholder interactions as well as company performance. Retail, entertainment, hospitality, air travel and quite a number of other industries have been leveraging this new type of data analysis for years now, though not for any sustainability-related purposes. This session will reveal how sustainability, brand and marketing executives can tap real-time market intelligence and improve stakeholder relationships by applying the powers of cognitive computing.

Location: Hanover Suite - Main Stage Date: November 17, 2015 Time: 9:55 am - 10:10 am Paul Chong