Faith-based Communities as Drivers of Sustainable Business: Challenges and Opportunities for Brands


When faith-based communities take something seriously, they often take it very seriously. John Izzo, the bestselling author of Awakening Corporate Soul and Values Shift: The New Work Ethic & What it Means for Business, will explore worldwide efforts by faith-based communities to drive sustainable business practices, as well as opportunities for brands to respond effectively and capture new markets. The corporate world is starting to face both friendly and fierce advocacy coming from the Pope’s assertive stand on climate change and the excesses of capitalism, growing green evangelical movements, Muslim leaders united around the International Islamic Climate Change Symposium, and other faith-based leadership. Taken in aggregate, faith-based action on environmental and social issues is a strong force that is sure to strengthen its influence over consumer attitudes and behavior globally.

Location: Hanover Suite - Main Stage Date: November 17, 2015 Time: 9:35 am - 9:50 am John Izzo