SB’15 London Sustainability

Sustainable Brands® has always been committed to reducing the environmental impact of our own events, to sharing our knowledge, and to making a positive mark on our host communities. The event planning team, in collaboration with Global Green Events, worked closely with all vendors and stakeholders involved to follow a sustainable event framework. Let us share some of our work in this arena and what was planned for SB’15 London:



Recycling & Composting


Our goal is 80% diversion from land-fill across the entire event, including restaurants and hotel rooms. Working together to reduce wastage at source, and enhancing and adding to the Hotels well established resources management system for greater effect.   BeaumontEstate
Carbon Neutral 100% of the carbon emissions from the event were offset by NatureBank, including delegate and staff travel and accommodation.
Local Food Sourcing Beaumont Estate Hotel sources food from suppliers that favour local suppliers and sustainable sources. The venue ensures that each supplier has an ethics and sustainability policy in place and is striving to make a positive environmental impact. It works closely with them to reduce packaging waste.  BeaumontEstate
Paperless Event Using the Thomson Reuters Convene platform to develop SB’15 London’s event mobile app allowed us to make movement towards becoming a paperless event.  By creating our mobile app we were able to post venue/Activation Hub maps, programming updates, attendee feedback surveys, and sponsor advertising and content.


Notable SB’15 London Sustainability Efforts:

Without your help we cannot achieve these goals! Sustainability initiatives are born from a community working together to make change. Below we have detailed the initiatives that are working behind the scenes with our stakeholders, suppliers and vendors and and how YOU can make a difference while you are on site! Feel free to share these ideas, take them home and make them part of your own initiatives, and increase the positive impact of your own event(s). If you have any questions at all, or if we can help you in your efforts, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Jessica Martinez.

Venue Selection

The Beaumont Estate Hotel Windsor

Set in 40 acres of stunning parkland, the venue was selected for its natural surroundings set outside London, and it’s award winning eco initiatives. The Hotel has been awarded the Green Tourism Silver Award and is part of the PH hotel chain. Working closely with the hotel we have also enhanced and instigated some new systems that will remain long after Sustainable Brands 2015 London. Here are some of the highlights of their in house environmental and social schemes.

  • Energy Efficiency: Lighting is 80% LED externally. Internally the communal areas run mainly with occupancy sensors and a conversion to LED is underway. 100% of back of house lighting is set with movement switches. A target of 60% of all lighting in the hotel to LED is in place for 2016. Key slots for power ensure hotel room energy efficiency. A staff policy is held in house regarding energy efficiency, turning off equipment and lighting back of house at the end of the day and reducing impacts across the board. We will be working with them to ensure the powering down of idling equipment and reduction of heating and during set up and packdown.
  • Transportation: Employees are encouraged to use public transport. Most employees are local and so car use is minimal. Public transport, nature trails, jogging and walking maps are promoted by the concierge.
  • Waste Reduction: A full resources management system operates. Mixed recycling is undertaken back of house and a compactor reduces the volumes. We are enhancing this by introducing this to the rooms and the front of house areas also. Glass water bottles are hand sorted by the hotel, food is collected in the kitchens that is sent to be converted to bio fuels, cardboard is bailed and flat packed, printer and toner cartridges are recycled, Batteries and fluorescent light tubes are separated and disposed of correctly, all used light bulbs are recycled,
  • Water Conservation:  Bathrooms feature reduction valves on shower heads and basin taps, flush timers on toilets, sensors run on the urinals, linen replacement program in guestrooms with opt-out option.


Beaumont Estate Hotel Head Chef and F&B Team

In collaboration with the Chef and team at Beaumont Estate Hotel, Sustainable Brands are ensuring a lower impact from the food served at the conference. We are also taking advantage of the opportunity to educate the audience about food choices; to show that it is possible to choose lower impact options without sacrificing flavour or nutrition – even on a large scale.

  • Local Sourcing: Menu items are sourced from local and organic farms wherever possible
  • Meat and Eggs: Meat is sourced from British farming from Fairfax meat suppliers, a sustainable brand of meat sourcing and all eggs are free range.
  • Cheese: All cheese is sourced from Cheese Cellar, a Go Green company with many social and sustainable initiatives.
  • Waste Reduction: We have asked that drinking water and coffee is served at drink stations in reusable cups, condiments will be served in bulk, and all food and beverage is served on china and silverware.
  • Waste Diversion: Composting and recycling is in place during food prep and we have introduced a front of house recycling and composting system for the duration of this event. Front of house compost will be used on the Estate Gardens.
  • Low Impact Options: Each catered meal includes a vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free option; some meals are served entirely vegetarian or vegan, including the main evening event of the conference; all plated meals are fully vegetarian or vegan by default.
  • Less waste, more taste: You can help reduce the volume of food waste by taking smaller portions from the buffets and returning for seconds when needed!

Waste Reduction

In collaboration with all vendors and exhibitors

The entire planning process is focused on reducing waste as much as possible, and this is where a lot of the decision that affect the final impact is made. There are more efforts in this arena than we even have room to mention, but let us go through some of the main areas where we work hard to reduce waste in the planning process:

  • Design and Signage: All signage and program guides are printed on recyclable materials like cardboard and wood, and a lot of it on materials that are already recycled, like our banners which are all printed on fabric that once used to be PET bottles. Moreover, we only print what is necessary and design our signage so that they can be reused over several years.
  • Activation Hub Floor: Sustainability guidelines are distributed to all exhibitors and they are encouraged to be innovative, utilise sustainable and practical giveaways, reduce printing and not print dates or event name on the materials so they can reuse them later, and we enforce a pack-in, pack-out policy, meaning everything they bring to the event, they have to bring back with them.
  • Gift Give-aways: Instead of giving a gift bag to all attendees, we supply the gifts at the registration desk where attendees choose what they want to take home. We do not accept typical swag items like pens and bottle openers with logos on them; we encourage useful and educational products from our sponsors. You can help us by only taking what you will really use or give to others! In this way, we look to showcase solutions that encourage a better lifestyle, and do not boycott products altogether.
  • Reduced Paper: Engaging CrowdCompass, we have designed and built a mobile app for our events. Giving online access at the tap of a smartphone to full and daily schedules, speaker bios, and all the vital event info including direct links to social media and workshop reviews. A great way to massively reduce paper consumption across the event. Get involved with the app to keep updated!
  • Responsible Procurement: All participants, suppliers, exhibitors and sponsors have been asked to be responsible with their supply chain choices and choose conscious suppliers. Emphasis is put on sustainable material use, innovative sustainable design, reusing or reducing packaging, and choosing local products and services.

Waste Diversion

It’s all about Collaboration

We are working closely with the conference venue to implement a comprehensive waste diversion system to separate recyclables, compostables and waste for pre-event and days-of production efforts. What we found couldn’t be reduced in the planning phase, we are focused on diverting away from landfill in the execution phase. Here’s how we plan it:

  • Sustainability Team: This year we have outsourced our sustainability efforts to Gayle Murphy of Global Green Events this ensured a focus remained on our Sustainability initiatives, putting in place leading systems and policies for all involved. They have been busy working with the venue and suppliers, updating guidelines, working on website and app content and will be on site training users and encouraging more engagement with our initiatives. Working alongside the participants, suppliers and venue throughout the event the Global Green Events team and venue staff will ensure our efforts are followed through. Hashtag your own efforts at #learninghowdoingnow
  • Recycling:A comprehensive sorting station at the back of house will ensure all recycling and compost gets to where it can be reused; recycling and composting stations will be put on the expo floor, recycling bags and guides will be added to all guest rooms to encourage collaboration, and all materials planned with reusability in mind. You can do your bit by ensuring you are using the right bins on site, using the recycling bags in your rooms, taking part in our on site initiatives and sharing your efforts online comms, and inspiring others to do the same!
  • Composting:Food waste back of house is kept and sent to be used as bio fuel and the gardeners have welcomed a collection of all front of house compost to go directly to be used on the Estate gardens!
  • Donations: Any leftover materials or items from the gift lounge were donated to local organizations

Energy Conservation and Carbon Measurement

In partnership with the Beaumont Estate & AV team

The venue and suppliers are aware of energy reduction measures included in the event sustainability framework including:

  • Enforcing a power-down policy for electronic equipment when not in use
  • Adjust indoor air temperatures to match with when meeting rooms are in use
  • Reducing heating/cooling during set-up and teardown
  • Eliminate idling for vehicles when not in use

Offset Programs

In partnership with NatureBank

Where we are not able to reduce our impact any further, we partner with offset organizations to offset or restore the resources spent, by supporting projects that do so elsewhere. Our offset programs include:

  • Carbon: All carbon emissions produced by the event, including conference venue, hotel rooms, staff and attendee travel are offset by our Official Carbon Offset Partner, Naturebank

Event Planning Office

San Francisco, CA

Most of the conference planning happens from our headquarters in San Francisco. Our office follows these practices throughout the year, and for all events we work on:

  • Recycling, composting and e-waste collection throughout the office
  • Minimal printing on 100% recycled paper
  • All ink cartridges, batteries, lightbulbs etc are recycled
  • Permanent Terracycle bins for wrappers, pens etc that can’t go in the municipal waste-stream
  • Non-toxic cleaning products throughout
  • Office kitchen features china, silverware and glassware (no disposables), fair trade organic coffee, and condiments in bulk.

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