Introducing New Metrics ’17 Boot Camps

Sustainable Brands is excited to introduce the New Metrics ’17 Boot Camps—a new set of educational courses on applying New Metrics to four critical business functions: Strategy & Operations, Finance & Investor Relations, Supply Chain Management, and HR & Employee Engagement—at this year’s New Metrics Conference.

Each of these four new Boot Camps will offer a focused guide to understanding and applying New Metrics for the purposes of managing previously-ignored risks and benefits associated with sustainability impacts. Designed to provide an introduction to core concepts found in a Sustainability MBA, each course will feature recognized leaders in the space and cover practical topics such as Defining and Understanding New Metrics, Making the Business Case for New Metrics, An Overview of Leading Tools, and Examples of Notable Case Studies.

The main objective of this new offering is to consolidate years of existing New Metrics material into a single format that can bring newcomers up to speed over the course of half a day, while also helping experienced practitioners reconnect with the latest trends in the evolution of New Metrics. The intention is for each Boot Camp to go “from 0 to 100” and prepare attendees to make the most of the main New Metrics program that follows. In that sense, Boot Camps are replacing pre-conference workshops and providing a more systematic and organized orientation to New Metrics in each of the four tracks than single-topic workshops did in the past.

Since its launch in 2011, New Metrics has proven to be a bellwether for the future of incorporating environmental, social and governance factors into all levels of corporate decision-making. New Metrics content has the power to reveal critical new aspects of Strategy & Operations, Finance & Investor Relations, Supply Chain Management, and HR & Employee Engagement, and essentially point to upcoming future norms in those business functions.

This year’s program has been designed to benefit everyone from NGOs and small business owners, to CEOs and global brand leaders. Join hundreds of global business leaders and dive into the quantifiable, data-driven aspects of sustainability and social impact initiatives within your role to drive your business forward. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to be among the early adopters and reap immediate benefits, including the well-proven financial ROI of New Metrics!

See you in Philadelphia!

Dimitar Vlahov
Sustainable Brands
Director of Content Development
September 22, 2017

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