The Time to Pause, Recenter and Accelerate.

KoAnn founder Sustainable Brands

You are probably painfully aware of the steadily increasing drumbeat of environmental and social disruptions impacting our families, communities, and businesses today. The noise level stemming from the demand for a response from more and more stakeholders can be deafening and make it challenging to keep up. It is against this backdrop that we are […]

Webinar Series: The 7 First Principles of Regeneration

Webinar Series:How to Test Your Endeavors, Missions, and Visions with The 7 First Principles of Regeneration In part two of her series on Regeneration, Carol Sanford will challenge us to question organizations on their sustainability and regeneration records. With the best of intentions, companies claim they are doing good work, but are they? In the […]

A Letter to All Courageous Optimists

KoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz, CEO & Founder of Sustainable Brands, addressing the audience at SB'20 Yokohama

A Letter to All Courageous Optimists August, 2021 Dear Courageous Optimist, Several years ago, leaders within our community dubbed SB “Home for Courageous Optimists”. This descriptor delighted us then as now, as it describes our ambition since the beginning better than we ever could have. Since our inception, we have endeavored to provide a safe […]

Lisa Kenney: Navigating the New World of Gender to Help Your Company Thrive

Lisa Kenney: Navigating the New World of Gender to Help Your Company Thrive Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Watch the recording to see Lisa in action, and hear her speak with fellow keynote speakers Chris Brandt of Chipotle, Bruce Reynolds of the Change Associates, and Joe Hobbs of Climate Cardinals in […]

Webinar Series: The History of Regeneration​

Webinar Series:The History of Regeneration you enjoyed The History of Regeneration, you can register for Carol Sanford’s follow-up webinar, The 7 First Principles of Regeneration, Sept 13th at 9 a.m. PT. Click here to register. Learn the origins of “regeneration” and how this year’s theme is both the inspiration and aspiration for SB’21 San […]

These 8 Sustainable Brands are Building Regenerative Business Models

Many business leaders have yet to realize and harness the potential of regenerative business, but a number of pioneers and early adopters are beginning to stand out. Regeneration takes a step beyond sustainability by (1) restoring, renewing and/or healing systems we depend on, while also (2) improving the inherent ability of said systems to restore, […]

5 Resources for Building Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

Take a look at Sustainable Brand’s list of free resources on how brands can be anti-racist and inclusive. These guides break down how to integrate DEIJ into company strategy and will help you to build an action plan for engaging inside the business and with your community.

Join Me for the Upcoming Decade of Regeneration

What a year (and then some) it’s been. I know from speaking to so many in our community around the world this past year that we have all struggled. And yet true to the courageous optimism of the SB tribe, we have also been substantially stepping up the pace of innovation and leveraging your brands […]

The Restorative 20s: Why and How the 2020s Can Be the Decade of Regenerative Business

This week, we kicked off a year-long conversation on Regenerative Business with Sustainable Brands’ content curator and regeneration expert, Dimitar Vlahov, and leaders from Timberland, General Mills and HowGood during a free SB sponsored webinar.  Over the hour-long webinar, our panel of experts unpacked why ‘regeneration’ is critically important for the decade ahead, why it’s […]