Sustinability Partner

Sharia's Closet

Sharia’s Closet provides supportive services in a judgment-free manner to empower clients to become survivors and move forward with their lives. At Sharia’s Closet, we work together to assemble a wardrobe for each individual client, fitted for body type and personal style preference. Of course, no wardrobe is complete without accessories such as shoes, purse or wallet, belt, new underwear, and socks. In addition to these outfits, each Bag of Hope includes age-appropriate personal hygiene items as well as a handwritten loving affirmation to each client, an affirmation of caring and value they may never have received before. These Bags of Hope provide people with love, dignity, respect, and new opportunities; they are truly transformational. Whether our client is a single mother who is at long last standing tall and proud in front of a mirror, ready to speak in court with confidence, or a formerly homeless veteran prepared to attend a job interview groomed and in a well-fitting suit it makes all that we do worthwhile. Our client's success and improved well-being are what keep us working tirelessly.  
Sharia’s Closet a proud to partner with Your Safe Place and One Safe Place, A Family Justice Center that provides confidential, comprehensive services to anyone who has experienced domestic violence, family violence, elder abuse, sexual assault, or sex trafficking regardless of age, gender, income or immigration status. Family Justice Center provides a supportive environment where survivors can access needed assistance and services. These services will include advocacy and case management, trauma counseling, legal services, forensic exams, support groups, peer-to-peer support, workforce preparation, clothes, food bank, and much more.