Eric Dixon

Eric Dixon

Vice President, Sustainability & Environmental Solutions

As the largest environmental solutions company in North America, WM helps businesses waste less and operate more sustainably. Eric Dixon, Vice President of Sustainability and Environmental Solutions at WM, leads a team that strategizes with businesses and organizations across industries to identify, measure, address, manage and minimize the short- and long-term environmental impacts of their operations.

Dixon oversees five operating divisions: Sustainability Services, Remediation & Construction, Industrial Waste Services, Fly Ash Direct, and Tracker Services. Through these service areas – and with WM's large and expanding network of technology-enabled infrastructure in recycling, organics and renewable energy – Dixon's team implements end-to-end solutions that help businesses achieve their sustainability, recycling and waste diversion goals while meeting industry-specific compliance requirements and rising environmental demands. From offering solutions to offset food waste, reduce source materials and increase textile recycling to executing zero-waste initiatives such as the WM Phoenix Open, Dixon's team brings together data platforms, onsite/remote managed services and self-service capabilities for businesses to progress their sustainability streams and transform waste into value. To learn more about WM and the company’s sustainability progress and solutions, visit

Eric has over 25 years of environmental and business management experience and holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health from Oakland University and a Master of Business Administration from Walsh College.

Track: Next-Generation Design & Business Model Innovation

Retailers are a powerful force in the global food system. Their decisions about what products go on shelf, what sourcing standards to follow, and how to collaborate with vendors drive significant impacts... see more

Wednesday 19th October
2:15 PM - 3:15 PM