Brett Reinford

Brett Reinford

CEO and Partner
Reinford Family Farms

As CEO and Partner, Brett Reinford manages the business end of Reinford Farms in Mifflintown, Pennsylvania. With his parents Steve and Gina Reinford, and brothers Chad and Drew, Brett is part of the innovative team that has built a 57 cow dairy in 1991 into today’s 800 cow operation with 32 employees and two profitable anaerobic digester systems that has put them at the forefront of renewable energy and environmental stewardship. Brett is involved in dairy advocacy opportunities and has served on several dairy related boards since coming back to the farm in 2012. Brett and his wife Meredith live in Mifflintown, PA and have four young future dairymen.


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Wednesday 19th October
12:45 PM - 1:45 PM