The Future of Affordable, Nutritious and Sustainable Eggs

In a world that’s navigating unpredictable challenges like inflation, war and a climate emergency, the global food system is changing dramatically. How do traditional segments of American agriculture stay resilient and reinvent themselves to navigate new consumer expectations, farmer livelihood and critical sustainability goals?

Join the American Egg Board for breakfast to learn how the organization is rising to the challenge and reshaping one of the most important animal proteins in our food system. AEB will provide an overview of how the egg industry has become a bold, forward-looking organization that embraces new ideas across packaging, production practices and egg products for every consumption channel. While other segments of agriculture look to the tried-and-true assumptions of the past, eggs are listening to the needs of tomorrow’s stakeholders to build the future of affordable, nutritious, and sustainable eggs.

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President & CEO
American Egg Board
American Egg Board
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Tuesday 18th October
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Poinsettia 1