Solve for tech-enabled reporting: How to prepare today for SEC climate disclosures

Many companies are taking steps to strengthen their capabilities to respond to investor interest in climate-related disclosure, particularly in light of the SEC climate-related disclosure proposed rules. Technology can play an important role in your ability to both produce investor-grade disclosures in a timely manner and also monitor performance against greenhouse gas reduction commitments. In this session, you’ll hear from leading company executives and PwC ESG specialists - and then have the opportunity to discuss key issues including:

  • How industry peers are actively preparing for the rules - and the overall impact it could have on your business and brand
  • How to tech-enable ESG reporting across the data lifecycle
  • Ways to drive collaboration across stakeholder groups and communicate transparently and effectively
  • Charting your roadmap towards climate and sustainability commitments
Featured Speakers
Partner, ESG Consulting Solutions
Principal, ESG
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Tuesday 18th October
2:15 PM - 3:15 PM
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